The Sacred Thirteen

Uniting With Your Archetype to Enrich Your Journey

Discovering your archetype is like discovering an old friend. Each of these icons have been used in rich storytelling of many civilizations for thousands of years, because they're timelessly familiar and relatable. We are all empowered when we remember the archetype who is a sacred expression of the Self. When our minds and spirits are in line with our innate strengths and keenly aware of our challenges, it encourages us to embody the best version of ourselves in both our personal and professional lives.

We each are on our own Hero/Heroine's journey. Discovering the powerful archetypes that are a sacred part of our consciousness invites us to write our story from an inspired place. When given the opportunity to reclaim these significant parts of who we are, we are able let go of the old beliefs that hold us back and prevent us from being all that we are capable of being. The archetypal work that I offer comes from the 13 Moon Dreamspell lineage, which has it's foundation in the ancient Mayan calendar system that seeded the potential for humanity's awakening to the natural cycles of creation. Similar to the mainstream path of astrology ,we each hold an archetypal imprint based upon our birthday in the Dreamspell lineage. However, while traditional astrology follows the Gregorian calendar system, this one is based upon a lunar calendar. YOUR inner Hero/Heroine is one of the following:

  • The Primal Force
  • The High Priestess
  • The Dreamer
  • The Innocent
  • The Serpent Initiate
  • The Hierophant
  • The Avatar
  • The Artist
  • The Healer
  • The Compassionate One
  • The Magician
  • The Sage
  • The Prophet
  • The Wizard
  • The Seer
  • The Pathfinder
  • The Navigator
  • The Yogi/Yogini
  • The World Changer
  • The Enlightened One


As we move through the Evolutionary shift on the planet, it is imperative that we connect with our true Self by releasing all the old patterns and stories that have held us back and kept us disconnected from our potential. Understanding who we are from this perspective provides an opportunity to become conscious creators of our lives. Now is the time to embrace the unique gifts we each hold and experience life in an empowered way!

Through these offerings, you will receive experiential guidance and support in deepening your path of soul evolution through learning about aspects of who you are that provide insight and inspiration into living an authentic and joy-filled life! The Dreamspell is considered a 'map of synchronicity' and a doorway into understanding the deeper connections of the Universe. Working with this most profound tool provides a lens in which we can see the purpose of our life's experiences from an enlightened perspective. Divine timing is always at play, thus if you are feeling called to 'remember' this part of yourSelf, there most certainly is important information that is yearning to be revealed to support you at this pivotal time in human history.

 SHINE: Supporting Humanity In Navigating Evolution

The inspiration to open the doors of my business back in 2011 stems from the desire to assist fellow Seekers in consciously navigating the evolutionary shift that is upon humanity. This shift has been building for the last few decades with the apex of it occurring at the Winter Solstice of 2012. This shift has been prophesied for thousands of years as the Dawning of a New Age. It is an incredibly exciting time to be alive. It can also feel like a very challenging time to be alive because everything we have known to be true about being human is changing. Many of us are feeling lost at sea, desperate to find a life raft and in need of new navigation tools because the old ways just aren't working anymore. The SHINE journey has been created to give you those tools so you can transform your life and experience the incredible possibilities that are manifesting in our world. By experiencing the SHINE journey you will feel empowered in who you are and live your life from a place of authenticity. You will find meaning in your experiences with a sense of inner peace and affirmation of your path. You will have a deeper understanding of yourself and gain clarity about the next steps to take to create a joyful life. You will harness the courage to take the leaps of faith needed to manifest your dreams! 

The SHINE journey is a two-part series with a total of 11 sessions.  The first aspect of the journey is 'Plotting Your Course' and is a 5 session series that includes exploration of major transitions you are navigating (especially over the last 4 years), gaining tools to connect with your heart and inner voice, consciously gathering your support system, learning about the mind/body/spirit connection, and rewriting your story from an empowered perspective. The second aspect is 'The Maiden Voyage' and is a 6 session series that builds upon the foundation created with the previous sessions. This part of the journey dives deep into ancient practices and tools that are keys to navigating the evolutionary shift with ease and grace. These sessions include a personal exploration of your Soul imprint based on your birthday in the 13 Moon Dreamspell natural time calendar, balancing the masculine and feminine energies within, reclaiming of the elements and the symbolism that they hold for our own paths to becoming a fully integrated human, and a deep understanding of the energetic aspect of our being that are the seven sacred chakras. Seekers who complete the entire SHINE journey are invited to be initiated to become Reiki Level 1 energy healers. Sessions will include opportunities to connect with your intuitive nature, contemplation and processing of significant initiations or experiences that have brought you to this moment in life, meditation, visualization, ritual, and energy medicine.  Seekers will receive materials to take home and will be invited to incorporate spiritual practices and creative expression into their daily experience.


The Sacred 13 Initiate Program

  • Sacred 13 Initiates participate in 13 sessions/1 every 28 days. Each session is uniquely tailored to YOU and your unique expression of your Galactic archetype.  We are very purposeful In choosing the 'timing' of when we meet, working very consciously with the energies and how you are personally connected with them. Each session includes psychospiritual counseling and energy work.

  • Utilizing the Dreamspell as a tool, together we explore various events, relationships, and experiences of your journey and discover the meaning and message for you as allies for your awakening process. Initiates will experience an entire Galactic year's unfolding from both a personal and collective lens. Initiates of this program will experience an in depth understanding of the flow of natural time and how to incorporate the power of cycles and patterns as an ally to the manifestation of their heart's desire.

  • I invite you to unite with the Sacred Feminine within through connecting with the Goddess archetypes that you are Divinely guided by and through honoring your creative and intuitive gifts, while embracing your Divine Masculine will as an ally to creating the life you consciously dream for yourSelf.


I am thrilled to share in this journey with you! In Lak'ech (I AM another yourSelf),

Heather White Planetary Wizard

"I perfect in order to enchant

Producing receptivity

I seal the output of timelessness

With the Planetary tone of Manifestation

I am guided by the power of Spirit

I am a galactic activation portal...enter me"

Begin your journey here.