Gnosis Circles

Experiencing the unfolding of one’s gnosis (inner knowledge) is transformational. One of the most powerful ways we are able to do that is through the beauty of sacred collaboration. Human BEings are remembering that our natural inclination is to come together for the betterment of the whole, such as tribes have done throughout time. We are all teachers for one another and we learn a great deal about ourselves through the sharing of others. This learning reaches great heights when we gather together with sacred intent. Heather Elizabeth provides ongoing opportunities to experience the power of being part of a conscious community. Heather is honored to create a circle that is especially attuned to the needs and desires of the group. Participants of the circles join together in exploring ancient teachings, open-hearted sharing, sacred ritual, ceremony, creative expression, and meditative journeying to set intentions and offer blessings for their individual paths and the path of collective humanity.  Please contact Heather @ for a free 30 minute consultation to plant seeds for your intent!

 I AM so looking forward to connecting with you and sharing in your sacred journey of awakening!

Infinite Love and Peace Be Yours Always and In all ways,