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Awakening Your Power of Intent: How to Align with Universal Mind

The Awakening Your Power of Intent is a series designed to support Seekers in their journey to embodying their authentic Self. In calling upon ancient, universal teachings of Shamanism, mysticism, and archetypal energies, a safe space is created to explore significant aspects of the Self that have perhaps been hidden underneath the conditioning of the material, Western world. The timing of each retreat is very purposeful and coincides with cyclical energies that are both very significant for us to be conscious of AND provide a framework for the intent of each particular retreat. This retreat's intent is 'How to Align with Universal Mind' and coincides with the Autumnal Equinox, on the day of the Full Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse.  As this is the turn of the wheel of the Autumnal Equinox, we are uniting with the Air elemental, which is the element of the mind. Participants will gain awareness and skills to utilize natural time as a tool in raising consciousness from the ever intrusive egoic 'monkey mind' to a clear and empowered mind that is unified with the higher Self or Soul. I feel a strong urging to very consciously bring in Dr. Wayne Dyer's wisdom as a sacred tool in our time together at our retreat. He truly mastered the art of creating a 'beautiful mind'! We will be exploring his archetype within the Dreamspell and how he is a SHINING example of an authentic, heart-centered BEing who fulfilled his 'dharma' or destiny and believed that we each have the potential to do the same. And we can! 

One of Dr. Dyer's intents was for 3 million people to watch his movie, 'The Shift'. In honor of him and his vision, Hay House is showing his movie for free for the next few days. My invitation to you all over this holiday weekend is to put aside 2 hours to watch this movie, possibly with your loved ones. You never know, it could change your life. The link to watch is: . I am asking that all participants of the retreat watch this movie in preparation for the work and play we will be sharing in together. 
 Sacred space will be created for exploration and reflection through guided visualization, breath work, drum journey, creative expression, and open-hearted sharing. The Autumnal Equinox is a time to 'reap the harvest' of what we have planted in Spring and Summer in preparation for the coming Winter. We will honor this ancient tradition as a group and behold how its metaphor is showing up for us during this auspicious time. 
Your $114 investment includes a spiritual goodie box from Sage and Stone, especially designed for working with the Air elemental. To reserve your space, go to
*Seekers who have attended 2 or more playshops in the series, receive a discounted investment of $75*

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