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Awakening Your Power of Intent: How to Embody Oneness

The Awakening Your Power of Intent is a series designed to support Seekers in their journey to embodying their authentic Self. In calling upon ancient, universal teachings of Shamanism, mysticism, and archetypal energies, a safe space is created to explore significant aspects of the Self that have perhaps been hidden underneath the conditioning of the material, Western world. The timing of each retreat is very purposeful and coincides with cyclical energies that are both very significant for us to be conscious of AND provide a framework for the intent of each particular retreat. This retreat's intent is 'How to Embody Oneness' and is occurring at a most powerful cyclical time within the 13 Moon Dreamspell map of synchronicity. The cycle of 260 days within the Dreamspell is called a Galactic Spin and consists of all the archetypal energies within the Dreamspell called Galactic Signatures. This pattern mirrors the 9 month human gestation cycle and indicates that something is being birthed within the individual and collective journey. This playshop falls on Kin 1 Red Magnetic Dragon, the beginning of the next spin. Within the playshop, there will be invitations to consciously connect with the power of this cycle, including viewing the documentary 'Time is Art', an exploration of synchronicity, that was released on 11/11/15. As this is the turn of the wheel of the Winter Solstice, we are honoring the element of Earth, that which roots us to the planet and is intertwined with all we are manifesting in this physical plane. To reserve your space in the playshop, you can make your $114 investment at: Seekers who have attended 2 or more playshops in the series receive a discounted investment of $75