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Discovering the Dreamspell Playshop in Galveston, Texas!

This playshop is an invitation to experience gnosis or 'divine inner knowing' of natural time through connecting with the Dreamspell 13 Moon calendar system. This is a multi-dimensional system and gateway into 4th dimensional time and beyond. Each of us holds a sacred vibration in this system, which when realized, can open us up to an experience of ourSelf that is both profound and a practical tool in manifesting our dreams into reality. Participants of this journey will gain: 

*an understanding of 'artificial time' vs natural time

*an awareness of how the lunar calendar connects us to the Sacred Feminine

*an introduction to the 20 Mayan Solar Seals and 13 tones that create the 260 Galactic Signatures 

* an outline of the personal Dreamspell map of personal evolution through the existence of  Earth Families, the Destiny Castle, and the Galactic Medicine Wheel

*support in implementing the calendar as a spiritual tool through the power of your personal Dreamspell archetypal path


*Heather is also available for individual Mayan Archetypal Readings by appointment while in Galveston the afternoon of the 19th and during the day on the 20th-please contact Heather about scheduling your session or registering for the Playshop!* $55 investment for the playshop or $140 for playshop and reading!