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Summer Solstice Celebration: Dreaming A New Dream (Kin 234, White Cosmic Wizard)

Come join A Path to Gnosis tribe as we usher in the joyful and carefree energy of Summer! We have a fun-filled afternoon planned for one and all! There will be offerings from several different teachers with the theme of 'Dreaming A New Dream' flowing throughout the day's activities.  We will be consciously working with the Water Elemental and honoring the cleansing and purification it offers not only for our physical bodies and the body of Mother Earth, yet also how it symbolizes the emotional and intuitive wisdom of the Divine Feminine and unconscious Self. At 3:00, we open our time together in ceremony with teachings of the cycles of nature and how they mirror to us our own inner journeys. We are blessed to have Alisa Carr of 'Eye of the Heart, PA' offering an invitation into exploring our dream world, a most profound way our unconscious communicates with us. From there, Erica Santiago of Ancient Arts Yoga will guide us through expressing our inner discoveries through movement. In continuing with creative expression, Lauren Rainer and Kathryn Babboni are offering an experience of crafting with intent through the making of rain sticks, an ancient ceremonial tool for honoring the water elemental and inviting in a flow of rain. At 7:00, we are invited to express all the 'gnosis' we have connected with through a sacred drum circle. David and Cameron Montalvo are joining us from San Antonio to guide us through this ancient healing expression of sound! We close our circle at 8:30, harnessing all the wisdom we have gained and love we have co-created as we continue on with our individual and collective journey! *There will be light snacks provided, please feel free to bring a dish to share if you are called to!*  Love Donations are much appreciated as all teachers invest much heart and soul in what they are offering*