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Council of 12 Magical Mayan Mystery Playshop (Kin 116, Yellow Crystal Warrior)

In honor of the Galactic Moon of Integrity, during this playshop we will be exploring our Mayan Galactic Medicine Wheels (or oracles) and asking the question, 'Do I live what I believe?'. A galactic medicine wheel offers us profound insight into why we feel drawn to certain things and people and why certain people and experiences trigger strong emotion and challenges that can be transformed into strengths. Through this tool, we also connect with a hidden gift within ourselves that is yearning to be brought to the light and shared with others.  This playshop falls on a Crystal day, so we will be working with our Council of 12 intentions of embracing cooperation and exploring the energies of the wavespell, or 13 day cycle.  The Playshops are a series of offerings to deepen one's gnosis of the Mayan archetypes and the 13 Moon Dreamspell calendar. Each one is unique, therefore seekers may join in at any time! $44 investment