In Honor of Dr. Wayne Dyer / by Heather Neary

Dearest Compadres,

The power and sacredness of the present cycle we are in was affirmed last weekend by the passing of one of the most inspiring and empowered Spiritual teachers of our time, Dr. Wayne Dyer. For those of you who are not yet familiar with Dr. Dyer's journey, he demonstrated the power of intent and embodiment of Divine Love not only through his best selling books and speaking engagements, but especially by authentically sharing the unfolding of his own path to the rememberment of Oneness. Time and time again, Dr. Dyer mirrored to us that vulnerability and trust in Spirit are keys to the path of awakening. He reminded us that we ALL are capable of creating the life we truly desire and dream of based upon how we utilize the tool of the Mind and our gift of free will. I have been following Dr. Dyer's work for many years now and have always felt a kinship with him. Within the Dreamspell archetypal path, he is my guide, which is so very resonant to me. It is quite profound to feel that connection deepening over the last several days and to witness how he continues to touch people's lives and raise consciousness without physically being on the planet any longer. What a testimony to the timelessness of the Soul.  I feel a strong urging to very consciously bring in Dr. Dyer's wisdom as a sacred tool in our time together at the next retreat. He truly mastered the art of creating a 'beautiful mind'! We will be exploring his archetype within the Dreamspell and how he is a SHINING example of an authentic, heart-centered BEing who fulfilled his 'dharma' or destiny and believed that we each have the potential to do the same. And we can! 

One of Dr. Dyer's intents was for 3 million people to watch his movie, 'The Shift'. In honor of him and his vision, Hay House is showing his movie for free for the next few days. My invitation to you all over this holiday weekend is to put aside 2 hours to watch this movie, possibly with your loved ones. You never know, it could change your life. The link to watch is:

I am asking that all participants of the retreat watch this movie in preparation for the work and play we will be sharing in together. 

Please note that I have been guided to change the date of the retreat to Sunday, September 27th. This is the actual day of the Full Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse. It will be incredibly significant to be supported by these energies during our time together.  Your $114 investment in the retreat reserves your space. Please go to:
*Seekers who have attended 2 or more playshops in the series, receive a discounted investment of $75*

I so look forward to sharing this very special time with all who are called! As Dr. Dyer says: "Be realistic. Expect miracles." May you experience the miracle that you are!

In ONE Love,