Fall Events to Empower and Inspire You! / by Heather Neary


Dearest Compadres,

Will everyone who is feeling a bit emotional lately, please raise your hands! If emotions 101 were a class, I would be sitting in the front row with both hands held up high! Although I have learned to wholeheartedly embrace my emotional Self, I was quite relieved to come across an article about this Saturday's Pisces Super Full Moon entitled, "The Emotional Apocalypse". I immediately thought to myself, "Yes! Apocalypse about nails it!" Now, beyond our fear-based definition of this word lies it's true origin, which is 'a disclosure of knowledge or a lifting of the veil of revelation.' And where do we typically gain such knowledge or 'gnosis', but from our Divine Feminine feeling and intuitive nature that La Luna all but catapults us into awareness of?! So, yes emotions are very high and yes we really can no longer pretend we don't know what we know. That 'knowing' looks a bit different for each of us depending upon what initiations or opportunities for Soul growth are now before us. However, unless you are sound asleep (which if you are reading this, I can guarantee you, you are not), you're most likely 'feeling' a nudge to swim downstream a bit more, to let go of a bit more fear, and to take another step or perhaps leap towards your dreams and desires. If not now, when? My guidance tells me that Saturday's Full Moon is ushering us into our next Eclipse portal even though the Virgo New Moon/Solar Eclipse is not until mid September. So, my friends, fasten your seat belts and dust off the old Spiritual tool box for we are in for quite a ride! How powerful is it to know that although we do not have control over people, places, or things, we DO have control over how we perceive all of the above, and that is where the meaning of our lives truly exists. 

Our next 'Awakening Your Power of Intent' playshop/ retreat falls right in the midst of these powerful energies on Sunday, September 20th from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Together, we are holding space for all participants to soar through this time with ease and grace. The theme of this playshop is 'How to Create a Beautiful Mind by Aligning with Natural Time'. As this is the turn of the wheel of the Autumnal Equinox, we are uniting with the Air elemental, which is the element of the mind. Participants will gain awareness and skills to utilize natural time as a tool in raising consciousness from the ever intrusive egoic 'monkey mind' to a clear and empowered mind that is unified with the higher Self or Soul. Sacred space will be created for exploration and reflection through guided visualization, breath work, drum journey, creative expression, and open-hearted sharing. The Autumnal Equinox is a time to 'reap the harvest' of what we have planted in Spring and Summer in preparation for the coming Winter. We will honor this ancient tradition as a group and behold how its metaphor is showing up for us during this auspicious time. 
Your $114 investment includes a spiritual goody box from Sage and Stone, especially designed for working with the Air elemental. To reserve your space, go to http://mkt.com/a-path-to-gnosis
*Seekers who have attended 2 or more playshops in the series, receive a discounted investment of $75*

I feel much joy in announcing that A Path to Gnosis's 1st Galactic Reiki 1 training and ceremonial initiation will be held the weekend of the Sagittarius New Moon, Friday, December 11th and Saturday, December 12th. This falls shortly after the 4 year anniversary of A Path to Gnosis and is a project many moons in the making. For some time now, I have had several requests for this training, and it has felt very important to be clear about if and how I am meant to offer this service. The clarity came through the birth of the 'Shine' series as a foundation for utilizing the gift of Reiki in a very sacred and purposeful way. Therefore, this training is offered to Seekers who have completed the Shine series and/or The Sacred Thirteen by early December. If these programs do not call to you, yet you feel called to being trained in Reiki, I am happy to refer you to other Master Teachers who are offering training. We are always guided to exactly who we are meant to learn from! 

I AM grateful for each and every one of you! Thank you for BEing my teachers! And remember:

In ONE Love,