Line-up for the Day Out of Time this Saturday, July 25th! / by Heather Neary

Dearest Compadres,

We have just a few days remaining until the Day Out of Time! I have been having so much fun preparing for our celebration! My inner child and I are having a blast picking out various party favors and games to add to the day and my heart is filled with joy in connecting with many of you who are feeling called to join in the festivities! What a powerful group of light Beings you are! I AM so grateful! The intent of this letter is to provide a tentative outline for the flow of our celebration (remember the point is to be in timelessness (= ) AND to offer suggestions as to what to bring to be as comfortable as possible. Before I share that information, I feel guided to extend an invitation to you all: within the Dreamspell, tomorrow begins the 5 day purification cycle leading up to the new Galactic year that begins on Sunday, July 26th. A way to unite with this intent is to create space to tune in to what you might want to leave behind in this year that is coming to a close. It can be anything-a pattern or behavior, a disempowering belief or idea, 'stuff' that is taking up space physically or energetically, etc. As part of this process, it can be especially helpful to be very mindful about what you are putting into your body, how much rest you are getting, and to create space for both movement and stillness. Needless to say, if we consciously enter a new cycle, we are more likely to truly receive the power and magic of a new beginning. Those of us gathering on Saturday will have more opportunity to explore this, yet the door is open for ALL who are willing to walk through it. It does not matter how much or how little you think you know about Natural Time and the Dreamspell-all you need is an open heart!

And now for the line-up!

You will notice that all the times listed have an 'ish' after them. That is because we all get to be in the flow of now, realizing that plans can shift from moment to moment. You will also see that there is space open throughout the day for play, fellowship, and spontaneity! Here goes!

10ish Opening Ceremony guided by Heather Planetary Wizard
10:30ish Yin Yoga guided by Melissa Self-Existing Serpent 
11:45ish Native American Flute sound healing offered by Mimi Resonant Warrior
2:30ish Movement practice guided by Erica Crystal Eagle
4:30ish Crystal Bowl Meditation offered by Amber Planetary Star
7ish Closing Ceremony and Drum Circle guided by Heather Planetary Wizard
*Throughout the day we will be blessed with musical performances by Dynamic Sister Duo Nikki Electric Hand and Leigh Self-Existing Sun; The ever-talented Crea Galactic World-Bridger on her keyboard; and the magical partnership of Russel Electric Seed and Lauren Self-Existing Star! And perhaps, YOU!*
*Lauren Resonant Eagle will be beautifying us all with face painting throughout the day AND Kathryn Magnetic Hand will have her amazing and sacred artistic creations for sale! (visit for a preview of what will be available!)

HIGHLY suggested items to bring:
*a lawn chair and perhaps an umbrella-we will have a few tents set-up, yet depending upon the crowd, there may be a need to have something else to avoid over-exposure to the sun
*a picnic lunch/snacks and/or potluck item to share
*water bottle (We have a water cooler, yet to avoid excess trash with cups, please bring a bottle if you have one)
*drum, rattle, or any instrument you feel guided to have as part of our closing ceremony
*This is a free event, yet I will be taking donations for The Law of Time, so please bring cash/check if you feel guided to donate
*We will have a splash pool AND the lake is a fairly short walk from the Sanctuary-bring a suit/towel if you feel guided to take a dip!
* The Sanctuary will be open all day for anyone who needs to cool off, use the bathroom, and have some quiet space.

*A note about parking: feel free to park along Serrano Trail and Rocky Ridge Rd- PLEASE make sure that you DO NOT block any of our neighbors' driveways OR park too far into the road that other drivers cannot pass through. If possible, it's always  resonant to carpool!*

*Most importantly bring your FREE SPIRIT!!! This is a day to celebrate and dream the dream of PEACE!

If you don't already know your Galactic Signature (based upon your birthdate), you might want to go to, to discover what your Galactic Archetype is! We will be inviting these aspects of ourSelves in very consciously during the celebration! There will also be an opportunity to decode yourSelf at the event. You can also order the new Galactic wall calendar at or download it for free at

I AM so honored to share this most sacred 'time' with you all!

In Lak'ech (I AM another yourSelf),

Calling all artists, musicians, writers, poets, dancers, yogis/yoginis, hula-hoopers, and any and all who have a talent they want to share! Come share your gifts and embody the truth that 'Time is Art!'