Not So Blind Faith / by Heather Neary


Dearest Friends,

I hope this finds you flowing with the Eclipse energies with ease and grace. I know that many of us have been experiencing very significant initiations during this portal time. Although these initiations are showing up for each of us in unique ways, an overall theme seems to be about the power of letting go. I dare say, 'Surrender'. The word surrender often gets a bad wrap in our linear world. It is associated with weakness, loss of control, and fear. Don't get me wrong-fear can most certainly be present when we choose to surrender to our Divine purpose and the unfolding of our path, because it does require relinquishing the ego mind's illusion of control over people, places, and things. This is something that we are not accustomed to. Yet it is the name of the game in our quest for higher consciousness and we are calling in many opportunities, especially these days, to practice the art of surrendering. What I have found in my personal practice of surrendering, is that what I am surrendering to is not some outside force that is unknown, it is that expansive, benevolent aspect of mySelf that ALWAYS has my back. MySelf is ever beckoning me to stretch the confines of my mind to remember the vastness of my Being. MySelf speaks to me through synchronicity and I always have the choice to listen to the call or turn away and retreat to what the mind says is 'safe'. Through some trials and error, I have learned to listen and surrender, and I must say, it is one of the most courageous steps we can take. Now is the time for all of us to take the leap, surrender into the unknown, and remember we can fly!

Infinite gratitude to the beautiful Seekers who participated in the Awakening Your Power of Intent Retreat during the power-filled time of the Spring Equinox. Together we explored our inner fire and how to embody willingness-most certainly a form of surrendering! The Awakening Your Power of Intent is a series designed to support Seekers in their journey to embodying their authentic Self. In calling upon ancient, universal teachings of Shamanism, mysticism, and archetypal energies, a safe space is created to explore significant aspects of the Self that have perhaps been hidden underneath the conditioning of the material, Western world. The timing of each retreat is very purposeful and coincides with cyclical energies that are both very significant for us to be conscious of AND provide a framework for the intent of that particular retreat. The next 'Awakening Your Power of Intent' retreat will be held on Saturday, April 25th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. This retreat's intent is 'How to Free Your Mind With Natural Time', and will provide an empowering and enlightening reunion with a way of navigating time that lives within our consciousness, yet had been lost up until about 1989. This retreat is designed for any and all Seekers intrigued by synchronicity and what 'time' truly is, whether you have been studying the Dreamspell for awhile now or have never heard of it until today. I'm really excited about what guidance is coming through for this and can't wait to share it with you! This retreat coincides with the energy of Earth Day (April 22nd), and the Dreamspell is an amazing tool for connecting with Mother Earth in an incredibly resonant way. Participants are blessed to be receiving a special Spiritual Goody Box uniquely designed for working with natural time and Galactic energies from my dear Sister Nikki Stair's beautiful new business, Sage and Stone. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and to reserve your spot. The investment for the retreat is $99. I will also have Dreamspell wall calendars available for a discounted investment of $13. I'm so looking forward to riding the wave of natural time with you!

In ONE Love,