Awakening Your Power of Intent / by Heather Neary

Dearest Friends,

Over the last several years, I have become keenly aware of the necessity of 'retreating' from everyday life to create space for connecting with mySelf and to gain a new and improved perspective on life. In fact, I find such value in this that it is on my 
'non-negotiables' list- a list of self-care practices that are as important as everyday tasks such as bathing, brushing my teeth, etc. I have found that when I 'retreat', whether it is for a few hours or a few days, I feel refreshed, revitalized and radiating a clarity about my path that was not present before. I treasure those spaces in time, for they are invaluable gifts I have given mySelf in honoring my quest for higher consciousness. In reflecting upon all of this, I feel VERY inspired to share the love and create a retreat day for YOU! In connecting with fellow Seekers over the last several moons,  these are a few common statements I have noted:

"I am tired of feeling stuck in the mundane tasks of daily life."
"I feel like I can never ‘make’ time for myself or for what brings me joy"
"I often feel disconnected from the world around me, feeling like I am operating on ‘autopilot"
"I'm tired of just 'surviving'. There must be more to life than this."
"I feel like I am a spiritual person, yet it's so hard to get my mind to be quiet so I can connect with that part of myself."

While exploring these themes one-on-one is important, being on retreat in community can be a powerful and transformative means of 'breaking through' the old and birthing the new! Thus, A Path to Gnosis is offering 'Awakening Your Power of Intent: How to Invite the Sacred in to Your Daily Life', Retreat and Workshop on Saturday, March 21st from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. As cycles are a most significant aspect of the Sacred, the timing of this retreat falls at the Aries New Moon/Solar Eclipse and the Spring Equinox. All of these energies support our 'intent' for new beginnings and rebirth, and are allies for the work and play we will be sharing together. Aries is the cardinal Fire sign, thus we will be exploring the 'fire within us'-our will. What possibilities can open for us when we align ourSelves with the higher will and feel empowered in who we are? We will share in various activities and processes to support this opening, including time for inner reflection and meditation. RSVP is required to attend as there are limited spaces available. Your $99 investment includes a spiritual goody box from Sage and Stone. Please contact me with any questions and to reserve your spot! I am honored to share in the awakening with all of you!

In ONE Love,