Roller Coaster of Love / by Heather Neary

How many of us have used the metaphor of a roller-coaster in describing the journey of life? I know that when life begins to get real bumpy, I often remind myself that as a child I loved roller coasters. That conscious connection with my inner child empowers me to 'go with the flow' rather than try unsuccessfully to 'paddle upstream'. As I mentioned in my last email, we have entered an extremely powerful time called an Eclipse portal or 'wormhole'. This particular Eclipse season is joining forces with the Spring Equinox creating incredibly abundant opportunities for rebirth and new beginnings. These 'opportunities' may be presented in packages that catch us by surprise, which is part of the adventure of this portal time. Remember our good friend, the roller coaster? The weeks and even years leading up to this moment are reflective of the roller coaster climbing and climbing up to the peak of the ride. We don't know what's next-maybe a gigantic drop, or maybe we will go upside down, be turned sideways or all of the above. What we DO know is that we get to choose how we perceive the ride. Are we gonna curl up in a ball and cover our face to hide or are we gonna throw our hands up in the air and squeal with delight? 

If you are finding yourself white knuckling the handle bars of the roller coaster of life, know that you are not alone. We are all being shaken up in one way or another. This is an organic part of any transition time, especially when it is being fueled by such high-powered Cosmic forces! A key to loosening your grip and even enjoying the ride is staying grounded and connected to Source, which is ALL LOVE. Nurturing this truth is the inspiration for the upcoming 'Awakening Your Power of Intent: How to Invite the Sacred in to Your Daily Life', Retreat and Workshop on Saturday, March 21st from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Participants will receive specific tools and practices to incorporate in their day to day experience AND have fun doing it! There are a few spaces left, so please contact me ASAP if you are feeling called. Your $99 investment includes a spiritual goody box from Sage and Stone. 

Below is a message from Alisa Carr of Eye of the Heart about the upcoming circle on Monday, March 23rd honoring Christian Mystic, Julian of Norwich. I am honored that Alisa has invited me to be a part of her vision of uniting Christianity, Shamanism, and the Sacred Feminine. 

I sure am grateful to be on this ride with all of you!
In ONE Love,



On Monday, March 23 from 7:30-9:30pm, I invite you to come to my home in SE Austin and, with ceremony, music, and ritual, experience the "shewings" and energy of Julian of Norwich, a 14th century mystic of the Church.  With Shamanic and Energy Healer, Heather Neary of a Path to Gnosis, I offer you an evening in which your senses will be delighted with the smells of incense, the sounds of flute, piano and drum, the sights of candlelight and kindred souls, and an experience of mercy, peace, and love in community.  During this season of Lent, we bring together the Mystical tradition of the Church with the Earth tradition of the Divine Feminine - what an honor and a privilege to offer and participate in these transformational evenings!  

In her visions of Jesus and the Trinity, Julian received a Divine Revelation of mercy and grace that "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well."  It is with this compassionate spirit that we will bring our intention to open up to and connect with the Shadow within each of us.  Jesus, the Desert Fathers and Mothers, Carl Jung, and my mentor, Sister Miriam, among many others, have taught that it is in recognizing and embracing the darker, more hidden parts of our personality and lives, that we become transformed.  It is love, compassion, and acceptance that heals us, not rejection, condemnation and judgment - and this is the very message that Julian received in the year 1373 through her visions.  When we are willing to acknowledge, connect with, and listen to these rejected parts of us, lo and behold, we find that they hold vast reservoirs of energy and creativity - veritable jewels that have been waiting to be found!

Please RSVP at (512)297-8717 or  Suggested donation is $15-25.