'Peace in OneSelf. Peace in the World.' / by Heather Neary

Dearest Compadres,

Throughout the family of humanity, there are many of us who are experiencing tremendous loss and swift and rapid changes within our human reality. This has always been part of the human journey, yet we seem to be experiencing a tidal wave of profound shifts, many of them painfully life-altering. After hearing yesterday of yet another tribe member's recent loss, I felt a shudder of fear travel throughout my body as I found my empathy for her and so many others to begin to invite in catastrostrophic thoughts about the safety and well-being of the ones I love. I allowed myself to sit with it for a few moments, recognizing how loss and heartbreak are potential realities for anyone who is willing to love from an intimate and vulnerable space. I then remembered other aspects of this awareness which are perhaps the gifts of loss...A gift being the abundance of gratitude we feel for our beloveds. From this gratitude, we honor the cherished memories we have with them, and if we are so fortunate to be able to create more, we can embrace the power of now and choose to make that a priority over everything else. We can realize what is truly of value in this life, and know that it is rarely what society has conditioned us to believe it is. We can committ to uphold the Universal Law that each moment is precious and that the time is now to live our dreams. Therefore, I choose to honor those who have transitioned, those who are grieving, and the sanctity of this fragile human existence by living in the NOW. By BEing vulnerable and opening my heart. By seeking joy. By vowing to continue to create peace within. I so hope you will, too.



In support of each of our journeys of creating peace within, I AM grateful to be offering my own unique twist on the 12 days of Christmas. Tomorrow begins the final 13 days of a most significant cycle within the 13 Moon Dreamspell calendar, which is the cycle of 260 days called a 'galactic spin'. Therefore, beginning tomorrow, Monday, December 7th ( Kin 248 Yellow Magnetic Star), each of the remaining 13 days of this spin I will be posting on facebook special discounts on investments for the various services A Path to Gnosis offers, including a new service I AM SO excited about called 'Divination and Communion with the Sacred Feminine'. To redeem the discounts, Seekers can click on the link and invest in the service, then contact me to schedule your session (all services expire by 7/26/15) OR I will send you a gift certificate if you are called to give it as a holiday gift. If you have not already liked my facebook page, you can go to http://www.facebook.com/apathtognosis and receive the daily offers! 


A beautiful aspect of the path to peace within is BEing in sacred circle with other Souls who are devoted to their awakening journeys. Don't forget that the final playshop of 2015 is coming up on Sunday, December 20th from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.  It is a wonderful chance to create space to connect consciously with empowering intents for yourSelf as you continue to navigate these challenging and enlightening times. During the Playshop, we will share in the screening of the documentary, 'Time is Art' (watch the trailer at: http://www.thesyncmovie.com/videos/documentary-film ), be invited to explore and process together as a group, AND each Seeker will receive an energetic clearing with the intent to flow into the next cycle in complete resonance of body/mind/ and Spirit.  Please see below for more details including how to register.


The final playshop in the 'Awakening Your Power of Intent' series will be held on Sunday, December 20th, from 11-4 p.m. The Awakening Your Power of Intent is a series designed to support Seekers in their journey to embodying their authentic Self. In calling upon ancient, universal teachings of Shamanism, mysticism, and archetypal energies, a safe space is created to explore significant aspects of the Self that have perhaps been hidden underneath the conditioning of the material, Western world. The timing of each retreat is very purposeful and coincides with cyclical energies that are both very significant for us to be conscious of AND provide a framework for the intent of each particular retreat. This retreat's intent is 'How to Embody Oneness' and is occurring at a most powerful cyclical time within the 13 Moon Dreamspell map of synchronicity. The cycle of 260 days within the Dreamspell is called a Galactic Spin and consists of all the archetypal energies within the Dreamspell called Galactic Signatures. This pattern mirrors the 9 month human gestation cycle and indicates that something is being birthed within the individual and collective journey. This playshop falls on Kin 1 Red Magnetic Dragon, the beginning of the next spin. Within the playshop, there will be invitations to consciously connect with the power of this cycle, including viewing the documentary 'Time is Art', an exploration of synchronicity, that was released on 11/11/15. As this is the turn of the wheel of the Winter Solstice, we are honoring the element of Earth, that which roots us to the planet and is intertwined with all we are manifesting in this physical plane. To reserve your space in the playshop, you can make your $114 investment at: http://mkt.com/a-path-to-gnosis. Seekers who have attended 2 or more playshops in the series receive a discounted investment of $75

 I was recently gifted the opportunity to be a guest on the uplifting podcast, Journey Of Possibilities with Sheryl Sitts. Sheryl held sacred space for me to share my journey to birthing A Path to Gnosis in perfect Divine timing- A Path to Gnosis just turned 4! I would be so very honored and grateful if you feel called to listen! The link to do so is: http://www.journeyofpossibilities.com/exploring-possibilities-heather-neary

I AM honored and humbled to call you Kin. May you feel the infinite love and grace that surrounds you.

In ONE Love,