The Power of Intent / by Heather Neary

     We are entering in to an exceptionally powerful New Moon cycle tomorrow, thus it feels important that we all have the opportunity to consciously work with the energy, if we choose to. Before I share about the Scorpio New Moon, I am guided to recognize the significance the Water elemental continues to play within our lives, especially those of us here in Central Texas. As the Earth seeks balance within herself, humanity is experiencing extremes of where we are perhaps out of balance. We are either in a 'drought' or in the midst of flooding. This is not about judgement, yet perhaps an opportunity to observe what is possible to shift within our own consciousness, remembering that Water is symbolic of the Feminine emotional and intuitive nature. The 13 day cycle we are in at this moment within the 13 Moon Dreamspell map of synchronicity is that of the Red Moon, 'The Healer', who holds the power of Universal Water. On day 2 (the Lunar vibration of challenge) of this cycle, Friday, October 30th, many people experienced the power of water in an extremely dramatic way. Amongst those affected is a family that is very much a part of the A Path to Gnosis community. Many of you know Darcy, for not only has she attended circles, she also has volunteered to capture special moments of gatherings with her gift of photography. Darcy, her husband Arin, and their 3 year old daughter, Olivia, have been displaced due to the flooding in Southeast Austin. They are courageously putting the pieces back together, yet are in a tremendous financial bind, for they do not live in a designated flood area and had no flood insurance. If you are able and feel called to donate to their cause, it will be received with gratitude and hope for a new beginning! The link to donate is:
     In speaking of the sacredness of rebirth and new beginnings, as I mentioned earlier, our Scorpio New Moon is falling at an incredibly potent moment within both the Gregorian and Galactic calendars. Keeping in mind that these cycles are ever-changing, our New Moon is falling on 11/11 this year. Many of us are very aware of the portal that this numerical vibration holds, paying attention to when we see 11:11 on the clock or various other places. In the esoteric world, when we see 11:11, it often is considered a message or sign from the Higher Self, guides, and angels. It can be seen as a reminder of our expansiveness and that we are surrounded by benevolent support and guidance. Another aspect of this message is to take note of what you are focusing your awareness on, for you are a powerful manifester and 'your thoughts become things'. To add yet another magical aspect to this New Moon, within the Dreamspell Galactic calendar, 11/11 this year holds the archetypal energy of Dr. Wayne Dyer! I have written of Dr. Dyer before and many of us are familiar with his transformational teachings about the power of intent. Within the Dreamspell, Dr. Dyer is a White Magnetic Wind whose vibration empowers us to embrace the power of Spirit and connect with our Higher Self's purpose in BEing here. Pretty spot on, huh?! New Moons always hold the essence of new beginnings and setting intentions for our lives, so can you see how that is incredibly amplified this time?! Definitely not something to let pass you by. Some ways to consciously work with this energy could be to spend some time writing down intentions and desires for your life at this time, create a vision board, clear out your physical space of clutter, begin a new nutrition regimen or exercise program, or receive energy work to assist in an internal clearing. Tune in to what feels resonate to you in terms of being in the flow with this time and then FOLLOW THROUGH with it. I began my New Moon intention setting earlier this week and am excited to share what I am being guided to offer!

Since opening the doors of the Serrano Sanctuary in November of 2013, I have been receiving an increasing number of requests for personalized sessions for Seekers in their home or place of business. With an intent to meet this need, I have developed several options to be of service in this way. If this is something that speaks to you, I will work with you in creating an experience that best honors YOUR intent for your home, family, and/or business. Within this context, I will come to you, guiding and supporting you in your own personal Sanctuary.

Possibilities for Home-based Sessions include:

*Spiritual Guidance/Counseling and Energy Work: Depending upon what has led the Seeker to this experience, it can be highly beneficial to receive guidance and energetic clearing in their own home.

*Space clearing and blessing: Your home truly can be your Sanctuary. We often don't realize that there are old patterns of energy that are literally stuck in areas of our home, creating a sense of unease and unrest. Being intentional about letting the old go through the ritual of smudging and clearing can be like pushing the reset button and transforming your sacred space into a light, calming, and peaceful refuge.

*Healing work for 4-legged family members: I have offered energy work to many 4-legged friends, both for recovery from dis-ease and to assist in their transition to the 'Next Place'.

*Family Healing and Intention Setting: Many times we get caught up in old stories and patterns within our relationships, especially those we are closest to. If you and your loved ones are ready to consciously begin a new chapter in your journey together, having me come to your home and offer guidance and support in releasing the old and opening up to a more loving and empowered way of relating to one another is a transformational step to take.


Possibilities for Business-Based Sessions include:

*Space clearing and blessing: As a small-business owner myself, I know the importance of being mindful of the vibration of space and how it can either repel or attract people to my services. Inviting the ancient practice of smudging into a business is a powerful way of releasing old, limiting fears and beliefs that might be barriers to the expansion and prosperity you are seeking.

*Group collaboration and intention-setting utilizing the Mayan Dreamspell Archetypal Map of Synchronicity (imagine the power of the Myers-Briggs or the Enneagram times 1000!): It is no secret that it 'takes a village' to bring any vision or dream into form. Understanding how each member of a team relates to themselves and the world around them can be a most powerful step in consciously bringing your dream for your business into reality. The Mayan 13 Moon Dreamspell is an incredible tool to utilize to discover strengths and challenges both as individuals and as a team. I work very powerfully with this tool to inspire individuals and groups to live an authentic and empowered life.

*Spiritual Guidance and Energy Work for Individual Employees/Co-Workers: Self-care is the name of the game-we can't be all we are meant to be if our cups are empty. Offering your employees and yourSelf the gift of healing of mind/body/and spirit will create noticeable change in all areas, including business productivity and success.

If this is something that you are feeling called to, please feel free to email or call me with any questions and to set up your session!

I AM grateful for this community and the opportunity to BE of service in many different forms!

In ONE Love,