Remembering Our Beloveds / by Heather Neary

Dearest Compadres,

I recently celebrated my ten year anniversary of moving back to Texas after spending almost twelve years in majestic Northern Colorado. I first arrived in Colorado as a very naive and rebellious 18 year old, reluctant to follow the traditional college route, (I REALLY wanted to be in a rock band and tour the world!), yet relieved to have a change of scenery and a fresh start. I quickly embraced the freedom that college provided, leaping joyfully into the social scene with not a whole lot of direction as far as what I was actually going to major in. All I knew is that I wanted to help people. The psychology route wasn't for me, nor was teaching or nursing. I began to wonder if there was anything out there for me. Then one day I found myself in a Social Work 101 course in which the professor began talking about Hospice. Something inside of me clicked and I knew this was it! I was going to major in Social Work and be a part of the Hospice movement. I felt so very drawn to be closely involved with end of life care, not only to help people, but to learn (or remember) the truth about death and dying. The truth being that death is but a passage from this realm to the next and that the aspect of our BEing that is pure Divine consciousness is timeless and eternal. Some part of me knew that this was a key step within my spiritual journey. Despite being raised in a culture that is so fearful and avoidant of death, I was intrigued by it, and knew within my heart that it was what I was meant to do. I ended up spending almost eight years as a Hospice Social Worker and I could honestly write volumes about my experiences in Hospice work, yet what I yearn to share now as we approach the holiday season, is that I was blessed beyond measure with the knowing that Divine consciousness does indeed prevail despite the physical body's death.
     Although there is highly commercialized violence and horror associated with Halloween, its origins are actually sacred and holy. The ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain marks the midway point between Autumn and Winter and the entrance into the darkness, where nights become longer and days shorter. Throughout history, this cycle has felt to be a time in which the veil is thin, gifting us a most powerful opportunity to connect with loved ones who are no longer in physical form. Cultures throughout the world honor this time with various rituals and practices to commemorate their loved ones and the bond they have with them that transcends both time and space. I honor and recognize that many of us are grieving the physical presences of loved ones, and know that the grief journey can become even more difficult during times of the year that emphasize togetherness and hold special memories, hopes, and dreams. Tomorrow's Super Full Moon in Taurus is gifting us access to our innermost feelings and the opportunity to unite with our Feminine creativity. I invite us all to consciously unite with this energy by creating a shrine or altar to ancestors and loved ones who we hold close to our hearts. This sacred space might include pictures, mementos, flowers, letters, and candles. You may find that you want to keep it up throughout the holidays and beyond as a reminder that their Divine essence is with you and will forever be a part of you as you are a part of them. 

Sending you all infinite blessings of peace, grace, and love, now and always! May you rest in the knowing that love never dies.

In ONE Love,