Libra New Moon Blessings! / by Heather Neary

Dearest Compadres,

260 days ago, I was traveling from the mystical jungles of Naja', Mexico to the sacred ruins of Palenque'. Palenque' is the ancient Mayan city most known for its leader, Pacal Votan, who is thought to have been the most powerful and spiritually adept of the Maya rulers. The significance of the 260 day cycle is profound to say the least. It is a 9 month time period that mirrors the human gestation cycle, and is a 'spin' through all of the archetypes within the 13 Moon Dreamspell framework. Therefore, the 13 Moon calendar is now reflecting the same archetypal energies that supported the inner transformation that took place for me during that time AND is indicating that something is BEing birthed within me in relationship to that life-changing experience. Needless to say, I have been creating space for deep reflection about this 'birthing' process and continue to open mySelf up to guidance and clarity as to how I can continue to gather all that was gifted to me during that time and offer it to others through my path of service in this world. The archetype 260 days ago, which of course is also today's Galactic Signature or archetype, is that of the beloved, inspiring, and selfless leader, Mahatma Gandhi. Within the Dreamspell, Gandhi is a Yellow Planetary Human. This archetype is known as the Sage, who holds the power of free will, the action of influencing, and the essence of wisdom. Gandhi's particular Sage essence is paired with the energy of manifestation, known as the Planetary tone (on a side note, the Galactic year we are in is a Planetary year!). In our familiarity with Gandhi's journey, we can see how he embodied this archetypal energy in a most empowered way and certainly manifested a timeless understanding that we always have the power to choose how we respond to people and situations, even the most challenging and life-altering ones. I was so grateful to have the awareness of the sanctity of this energy during my travels and feel blessed for this gnosis today, as it has made its way back into our collective journey at this moment. For today is a New Moon, which always gifts us the opportunity to begin anew. When La Luna begins a new cycle, we are all invited to set new intentions, dreams, and visions for how we our dreaming our lives. With all that has transpired over the last moon cycle, many of us are feeling some despair and even apathy about the state of our world in terms of the violence that fellow humans are inflicting upon one another. Heart-breaking cycles continue to repeat themselves, and many of us are asking the questions, "Why does this continue to happen?" and "How can we put a stop to it once and for all?". While the answers to these questions may elude us, we can embrace our power of free will choices to support us in "BEing the change". Gandhi practiced non-violent resistance to create change within his country, which echoed throughout the world. We all have the capacity to do this in our own ways, and most certainly, now is the time to embrace it! Everything within the 13 Moon Dreamspell map of synchronicity is precise and based on the natural, organic order of creation. It is no accident that this archetypal essence is guiding us into this new cycle. May we all dream the dream of a world where violence is no longer a reality.

Sending you all infinite blessings of peace, grace, and love, now and always!

In ONE Love,