From My Heart to Yours / by Heather Neary

Dearest friends,

Happy Cancer Full Moon! Our 1st Full Moon of the New Year and we are being flooded with opportunity to explore and unite with our watery Feminine essence. Typically, the time of a new year brings our attention to setting goals and creating a 'to do' list for the upcoming cycle. While this has the potential to be an empowering process, we can sometimes get caught up in the head with what we should be doing or not be doing this new year (I call this 'shoulding' on ourselves (=  ). I wonder what it would be like to tune in to our true navigation system which resides in the heart?! This Cancer Full Moon is setting the stage for all of us to tap in to the core of our feelings, passions, and desires at this very moment. When I feel in to this Full Moon energy, I hear one of my favorite quotes by Anais Nin, " I must be a mermaid...I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living." If you haven't created space to set intents for the new year, I invite you to do so during this Full Moon. Be sure and include things that create feelings of joy and excitement-the Universe LOVES to co-create those kinds of experiences with you! Perhaps light a candle, say a prayer, mantra, or meditation, and maybe put a favorite piece of jewelry or beloved crystal outside tonight to be charged in the powerful moonlight. All of this will enhance your intents and bring a bit of magic into your day!

2015 is starting off with a super big bang for me, for in less than two weeks I am journeying to Chiapas, Mexico for an 'Entering the Maya Mysteries' pilgrimage. I received the guidance that I was to travel to the Yucatan as an initiation into my 40s well over a year ago and was overjoyed last Spring when I was divinely guided to this pilgrimage. As my life-long connection to Mexico has deepened with the activation into the Mayan Dreamspell lineage, my Soul has longed to be with the Maya people and experience the energy of the sacred temples, fully conscious of the power of this path I am on. Well, it's hard to believe the time has finally arrived and this dream is coming true! Wow! Please know I am taking you all with me in my heart, for every exchange I have had with each of you has brought me to this experience, and for that I am ever grateful! In the spirit of our Winter ally who mirrors to us the sacred practice of going within, I am 'entering the cave' of sabbatical beginning on January 11th-January 30th. If you are feeling guided to schedule a session before then, please contact me ASAP-I have a handful of openings between now and then and would be honored to be of support-there certainly are some incredible transformations occurring for many Seekers at this time!

From my heart to yours, the Divine within me honors the Divine within you. We are ONE.   

In ONE Love,