A Kid for a Day / by Heather Neary

Dearest Friends,

I cannot see the image of young Elliot flying on his bike with his beloved E.T. without feeling a wave of nostalgia wash over me. E.T. is one of the first movies I saw in a theater as a little girl, and to this day, I can remember everything about that experience down to the reese's pieces we ate! More importantly, I remember how I felt-I was mesmerized by the story. It sparked my imagination while also touching my heart. To this day, it is one of my very favorites. How beautiful is it that the heros of the story are children? Through their curiosity, intuition, and open hearts, Elliot and his friends not only help E.T. get home, but also inspire the adults to see past their self-imposed illusions of fear and separateness. What an amazing story!!!

How wonderful is it to know that every one of us, no matter our chronological age, has that magical child within us?! When was the last time you invited that child to come out and play? Maybe that child wants to color, or build a sand castle, or fly a kite. Whatever it is, I have no doubt they have a powerful message to share. Isn't it time to hear it? 

In ONE Love,