'For Everything There Is A Season' / by Heather Neary

Dearest Friends,

I have found myself in a place of deep reflection over the last several moons. This reflection is inspired by the cycles in my life's journey that have come to an end and ones that are being birthed. In many ways, I see the turn of the wheel of the Fall Equinox as symbolic of the cycle of life that I am entering. The season of Fall is a time to 'reap what we have sown'-to receive and experience what we have planted throughout the year. It is a time of celebration and of being in gratitude for what we have co-created with Spirit. While I sit in this place of reflection and gratitude, I am in awe of all the gifts from Source that I have been given as I have traveled along my path to arrive at this very moment. Many of the gifts have come in the form of what I call 'Earth Angels' (yes, I'm talking about you!), messages that are given through communing with the various aspects of creation, and experiences of 'gnosis' I have had from fellow travelers' creative expression in the form of art, poetry, music, dance, and literature. One such gift has reappeared in my life recently through a thread of synchronicity. Many years ago a transformational story of a young shepherd on a quest for his treasure made its way into my hands and my heart. This story, 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho, activated within me a profound awakening of my path or 'Personal Legend' and affirmed for me that the heart is truly the only compass we need. Revisiting this story over this moon is not only bringing me great joy, but is also gifting me a beautiful lens to reflect upon my 'personal legend' as I enter this new season of my life. 

May we all experience the bounty of our harvest with open minds and grateful hearts!

In ONE Love,