Our Greatest Ally / by Heather Neary

Dearest Friends,

A most blessed Aquarian Super Full Moon to all! It never ceases to amaze me how the full moon invites in conscious awareness of many aspects of ourselves that have perhaps been hidden before. If we allow it, we can be stripped away of the layers of self-protection and connect with the raw emotions and insights that have been yearning to have a voice. Now, I understand that the ego mind hears this and may feel the urge to 'run for the hills' and turn to old patterns of denying and repressing. Yet, there is another part of our Being that is always working tirelessly with our Soul to support our journey of evolution. Any guesses as to what that might be? Here's a hint: It is a phenomenal part of creation that is our greatest ally, yet is often treated like our worst enemy. Yep-you guessed it-our bodies! Every second of our lives, our bodies are working tirelessly in service to us, providing a sacred place to house the Divine. We wouldn't be able to be here having the experiences we are having without it. Yet, we are conditioned to focus on what the body is not doing 'right' or how it doesn't look the way it is 'supposed' to. Our minds are trained to focus on all that is 'wrong' with our bodies which has led to a culture that is disconnected with this most precious part of our Being. The REALLY GREAT news is we are remembering the truth that the body IS a temple. We are listening to the language of our bodies and trusting what it is telling us. We are seeking out ways to support the body in healing itself in union with the mind and the soul. So, from this moment on, I invite all of us to truly embrace and love the body like we would our oldest friend, for in truth, it is!

In ONE Love,