'Out of the Mouths of Babes' / by Heather Neary

Greetings Dear friends,

Last evening, while flipping through Netflix with the intent of finding a movie to watch, I 'stumbled' upon 'Heaven is For Real'. I remembered a fellow Seeker telling me about this true story and how profound it is and immediately felt that this movie was exactly what I was meant to experience at that moment. It is a heart-opening journey of a family's test of faith after their young son has a near-death experience in which he traveled beyond the veil, meeting Jesus and family members who have crossed over. The courage and trust they connect with as his messages from the afterlife are revealed are a testament to the struggle the human side of our Being goes through when an experience cannot be defined through our 5 senses. Even his Father, who is a Pastor, found himself doubting if what his son shared could really be true. What he kept coming back to is the innocence and purity his son possessed. It was not in his character to only imagine such things. He trusted his son's wisdom and in turn our entire country and perhaps world are being inspired by his story. I know I am.

Within us all, lives that ageless 'Sage' who has journeyed from one experience to another, gathering insight and understanding into the mysteries of this existence. Never doubt that you have something special to share with this world.

In One Love,