The Power of a Grateful Heart / by Heather Neary

Dearest friends,

Today I am reminded of the power of living in gratitude. With the energies continuing to build, so much of the old fear-based beliefs are being stirred up, asking to be released from the confines of our minds. In response to this stirring, I have had moments over the last several days where I have asked myself, "Really?! This again?!" I have found that 'this', which typically comes in the form of fear and self-doubt needs to be acknowledged and yearns to have a voice. Sometimes, that is through tears, or movement and creative expression like art or journaling, and most certainly through the breath! Then that displaced part of the self can find its way back to the heart, where it is loved, nurtured, and accepted. What gratitude is felt for the wisdom gained from this journey through life! Whew! Quite the metamorphosis! We are all the caterpillars struggling and making our way out of our cocoons to experience the transformation and beauty of flight. There must be an innate trust within the caterpillar that liberation will come in Divine timing. What an incredible mirror for each of us as we move through this time of revolution and evolution.

In One Love,