The Gift of the Present / by Heather Neary

Dear Friends,

Even as I write this message to you about 'timelessness', I am getting to practice retraining my mind from trailing off into the abyss of the 'to do' list for today,or even more frustrating-yesterday's 'to do' list! How conditioned we are to have our attention focused in so many different directions, usually on the past or future, that we miss out on the beauty of the present moment. Today, I invite all of us to gift ourselves the experience of truly being aware of the now. That may come in the form of taking a walk in nature, playing with a child, petting our dog or cat, looking at a piece of art, or simply taking a few deep breaths. Whatever it may look like for you, I wish for you the peace and simplicity that comes with BEING.

In One Love,