Hope of a Nation / by Heather Neary

Dearest friends,

Over the last few days, I have found myself reflecting upon where I was last Independence Day and what a profound impact that experience continues to have on me. I spent last July 4th in Williamsburg, Virginia, celebrating our nation's freedom in a place where the dreams for our country were seeded. Walking through the battlefields was a powerful opportunity to connect with the vision of our forefathers and the sacrifices that were made for the intention of creating a nation whose people were free to be all they were created to be. This vision came from a very expansive place, beyond the confines of separateness and dualistic thinking. " We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal..." Meaning, beyond all the human-created institutions that promote our differences, there is a common thread that connects us all as children of the Divine. 

These days we are bombarded with messages about all the ways we are different through our political, religious, and financial systems (to name a few). It is easy to loose sight of the truth of who we are and the roots this country was founded upon. This Independence Day, I invite us all to take a few moments to visualize our nation and our world  embodying the truth that all Beings are created equal. We are all ONE in the eyes of the Creator. May we see this in ourselves and one another.
In One Love,