A Common Thread / by Heather Neary

Dear friends,

I recently returned from a powerful trip to New York City to attend a sound healing workshop given by the incredibly gifted and inspiring, Tom Kenyon. There were several hundred people there from all over the country and perhaps the world. One of the few requests Tom made of us was to remain silent while we were in the workshop space. Much of the time was spent in deep meditation facilitated by Tom's enchanting voice and the holographic instruments he uses, therefore it was important to hold space for that depth of experience throughout our time together. Therefore, we were invited to feel the energy present rather than trying to define it by conversation. Many of us traveled deep within ourselves, accessing gnosis that had remained hidden up to that point for one reason or another. This created a beautiful bond between all of us that I carry with me to this day. As I feel into what that bond truly is, what I hear is that for a few hours that day, all the outer identities were stripped away to a core yearning that so many of us have: communion with the Soul. We yearn to understand the deeper parts of who we are, the transcendent ONE that is so much greater than we ever imagined. We yearn to know why we are here, what this life thing is really all about. It is a spark that lives within us all. In truth, there are as many paths to reach this connection as there are of us. My ongoing prayer is that we continue to move beyond the judgement of what is the 'right way and the wrong way' to 'KNOW THYSELF', that we may see a common thread that weaves throughout us all-that luminous spark of light awaiting to be discovered and embraced! 

In One LOVE,