A Divine Union / by Heather Neary

Greetings Dear friends,

I am feeling especially nostalgic today, for this time last year I was on a pilgrimage to Mt. Shasta for a retreat and celebration honoring the dawn of the New Age in accordance with the Mayan 13 Moon New Year. It was a transforming experience for me in all ways and I am in absolute awe in witnessing the unfolding of my path since that cathartic journey. What adds to the meaning of this day, July 22nd, is that it is honored as the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene. Beloved Mary Magdalene has been a very significant part of my awakening process and I feel it to be very serendipitous that her feast day was the day I began a journey that has come to be one of the most powerful experiences of gnosis for me. The rememberment of the truth of Mary Magdalene (which continues to unfold to this day) is a profound turning point in our collective journey towards healing and transformation for Her story is the story of the power and sacredness of the Divine Feminine that was once hidden and is now being brought to the light. What we are remembering is that to have the balance we are seeking within ourSelves and our planet, we must integrate the masculine and the feminine. The Sun and the Moon. The conscious and the unconscious. The giving and the receiving. Jesus the Christed One AND Mary of Magdala.

In just a few days, we are entering a new year in the Dreamspell lunar calendar. This Saturday, July 26th, we begin the year of the Red Solar Moon. Even if you are very new to the Dreamspell, you might gather that this year holds the vibration of both the Masculine and the Feminine-Red Moon (Feminine) and Solar (Masculine). It has been 52 years since this was guiding a lunar year, 1962, and as a collective we have experienced a quantum leap in consciousness since then. What would it be like if we flowed into this year with hearts wide open, consciously uniting the masculine and feminine within? What I can tell you is that if you are reading this, you are well on your way! I am dedicated to holding space for this 'Divine Marriage' to be made manifest for us all throughout the coming moons. We begin this intent on Saturday, July 26th (Kin 9, Red Solar Moon), in a New Year ceremony, embracing the Leo New Moon energies that accompany the beginning of this Red Solar Moon year. I celebrate this day and all days with a joy-filled heart for the possibility that lives within each of us.

In One Love,