Sowing the Seeds of Love / by Heather Neary

Dearest friends,

How incredible was the Capricorn Super Full Moon that we were just blessed with?! As easy as it is to become caught up in the tasks of day to day life, there is nothing like a big, bright, beautiful Full Moon to invite us to pause and gaze up at the sky with a longing to know the vastness that lives within each of us. For me, it has been a most sacred time to reflect upon all that has manifested over these last several moons. This is very much on my heart as I am gratefully experiencing a growth spurt with A Path to Gnosis. The 'timing' of this growth is magical as this week we are coming to the end of a sacred cycle in the Dreamspell lunar calendar, which is the cycle of 260 days, known as a galactic spin. If we take a few moments to do the math, 260 days is about the gestation time of a human fetus before it's birth into this world. In the Dreamspell, every 260 days we experience all 260 galactic signatures. Each of us is one of the 260 signatures, which is determined by the day we are born. Thus, the end of a cycle of 260 is a very special time to honor what has been birthed by the coming together of every one of the different signatures. This last galactic spin began on Halloween, October 31st, which as divine timing would have it, was the day that we moved out to the Sanctuary! So, over the last 257 days, I have received bountiful blessings from each of you as your signature day has contributed to the creation of this very sacred and beloved place! With much gratitude for your presence in my life-may you always know the light that you are!

In ONE Love,