The Cycles of Life / by Heather Neary

Dearest friends,

I hope this finds you all settling in to the holiday season with ease and grace. The Gemini Full Moon on Saturday certainly gave us an opportunity to pause for a moment and tune in to what our inner Self is yearning to share. Today marks the beginning of the final 13 day cycle before we officially shift in to the Winter season on the Solstice. For me, this cycle includes the passage into my 40s, therefore the reflective space I have been in over the last several moons has shifted in to high gear. I can remember when my parents and other adults in my life turned 40. At the time, that seemed like something so remote from me, yet here I am on the brink of that initiation and as far as time goes, that seems like yesterday. On the other hand, in connecting with the cycles of these last 40 years, they are so full of experiences that have encouraged me to grow and evolve, that I marvel that all of that fit into just 40 years! Oh, the paradoxes of this journey of life! I feel immense gratitude for the consciousness I do have, for without it, I am sure I would be approaching this stage of life in an entirely different way. Perspective truly governs 99.9% of how we experience life. How blessed I am to know that I get to choose how I perceive this new cycle I am entering! All of creation moves to a rhythm and flows through cycles. So of course, so do we! It is natural law, so why resist it?! We become more and more empowered as we consciously connect with the rhythm of the Earth and the Cosmos and see how it mirrors our own journey. This is why we take time to honor the change of season, the cycles of the Moon, and the Earth's journey around the Sun. It enhances our own journey through this life, for there is nothing that is separate from us. And from this, we are reminded that there is no one that is separate from us. Imagine what our world would be like if we all remembered this. Just imagine....

In One Love,