A Gift of Synchronicity / by Heather Neary

Dearest Friends,

I just returned from a family trip to Santa Barbara in which I had the experience of returning to La Casa de Maria, which is the beautiful retreat space where I attended the first part of my Mystery School journey. As some of you know, Mystery School was the catalyst that led me to create A Path to Gnosis, which, needless to say, has been transformational on all levels of my Being. It was incredible to be back on the land that held space for me in such a sacred way. As I am consistently reflecting in awe upon the power of synchronicity, I remember back to the day that I listened to my inner voice which urged me to open up a cabinet I hadn't opened in years and pull out a magazine I hadn't looked at in even more years, in which out falls a leaflet for Nine Gates Mystery School. As soon as I saw the Buddha's eyes and the words Mystery School, I felt a shudder throughout my entire being and I 'gnosis' that I was going to that school. When I think about ALL that has unfolded from that moment, it is truly mind-blowing. I so love the magic of the universe!

In reality, synchronicity is always  flowing throughout our experiences. It is the language of Spirit-all we need to do is to embrace it as our own. It is here for us to utilize as a guiding force, a beacon of light, a compass as we travel this journey of life. 

Here's to the magic and the mystery!

In ONE Love,