'May Love and Friendship Always Reign': Honoring the Soul Path of John F Kennedy / by Stephen Callender

Even though I was born over a decade after John F Kennedy left the planet, I have always had a keen awareness of him. This began at an early age due to the fact that both of my parents were in or near Dallas on the day he was assassinated, thus I grew up hearing stories about how profound that experience was for both of them. As I became more and more conscious of my own path of service in this world, the awareness I had for him grew into a fondness and admiration for his courage and convictions, despite the multitude who disagreed with him. In hearing his speeches and watching footage of him, I truly felt the compassion and heart he brought to his leadership. Now I know this to be the Divine Masculine energy, a rare thing to be shown during those times. A foreshadowing of what was to come just a few years later as the 60s exploded onto the path of higher consciousness. With the 50th anniversary of his death approaching on November 22nd, the connection to JFK  has felt very strong, so much so, that I hung the claddagh I bought at his family's homestead in Ireland on the door to A Path to Gnosis Sanctuary. After recently giving a Mayan archetype initiation to a dear friend and fellow seeker, I was guided to explore JFK's Mayan signature, which is based on when his soul incarnated in this lifetime. Following the path of my guidance usually results in either chill bumps, hair standing up on the back of my neck, or my mouth gaping open in awe. This was a combination of all of the above! This lifetime of feeling drawn to him took on a whole new meaning. What I discovered is that JFK is a White Planetary Worldbridger. In the path of the Mayan archetypes, The Worldbridger is The Hierophant. In the major arcana of the ancient tarot, the hierophant is, " the guardian of the Mysteries. He stands for an act of benediction-meaning he represents divine power that blesses humanity, transcending ordinary human will. When the Hierophant is drawn, the question being asked is one that portends a grave responsibility that can affect whole institutions or vast segments of the human process." According to the Maya, the Worldbridger carries the energy of death as a necessary and sacred part of the cycles of nature. JFK's codespell, the energy that his signature carries, or as I connect with it, 'soul's mission', is:

"I Perfect in order to Equalize

Producing Opportunity

I seal the store of Death

with the Planetary tone of Manifestation

I am guided by the power of timelessness"

As in everything that is of Maya, this codespell is very multidimensional, yet knowing the history of his life AND his death, the synchronicity is crystal clear. His time as President paved the way for our country to begin to shift perspectives and to come from a more empowered and unified space. His death has and continues to be a mystery that through it's unraveling, will continue to expose the institutions that are no longer in alignment with the collective's yearning for a new world. Powerful, beyond words. The year he died, 1963, was the year of the Planetary Wizard-the energy of his tone, Planetary, and his guide, The Wizard, who is the keeper of the wisdom of timelessness. And what is the awe-inspiring personal connection that caused the mouth-gaping, hair standing, chill bumps you might ask? I am a Planetary Wizard. In Lak'ech, Brother John. Rest in peace, dear friend.