When a Miracle is Born.... / by Stephen Callender

I had the most magical experience on the Aquarian Full Moon this past August 20th, which was on Red Resonant Moon of the Dreamspell 13 Moon calendar. One of my greatest joys is offering monthly New Moon and Full Moon circles in which we honor a different Sacred Feminine archetypal goddess from throughout time and space. As the circles have unfolded throughout this year, the luminous presences make themselves known as to which moon cycle they are guiding. The synchronicity is endless and always leaves me with a full and grateful heart. White Buffalo Calf Woman came forth early in the summer and clearly owned the ever so powerful SECOND Aquarian Full Moon in a row, the first being on July 22nd, just days before the beginning of the Dreamspell 13 Moon Yellow Galactic Seed calendar year and galactic synchronization on July 26th. As an Aquarian Moon, I felt deeply the power of the beginning of the Age of Aquarius being gifted with the moon reveling in the Aquarian energies. On the morning of the 20th, I felt a strong urging to look up the date of the birth of the white buffalo calf, Miracle. Miracle's birth fulfilled an over two thousand year old prophecy of the Sioux Indians, which fore told the dawning of the Golden Age on Gaia, Mother Earth. The benevolent White Buffalo Calf Woman came to the earth from the stars to activate the native people's gnosis of ONENESS through a sacred pipe ceremony of the seven prayers honoring different aspects of creation. She urged them to stay in their hearts and remember the truth of the interconnectedness of Spirit and all beings, despite how parts of humanity continued to plunge into the depths of the illusion of separateness. She promised to return one day, in the dawning of the New Earth, the signal being the extremely rare birth of a pure white buffalo calf. Sitting at my desk, chill bumps ran up and down my spine as I read this very same calf's birthday: August 20th 1994. I was overcome by awe and humility in experiencing this incredibly sacred connection. That evening, we gathered in circle, celebrating White Buffalo Calf Woman and Miracle through the sharing of the seven prayers from this goddess and our collective creation of sacred sound. As a student of the cosmos, I follow most of the current happenings in the sky. A few weeks ago, I discovered we were set to move through another eclipse portal beginning on the Aries Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on October 18th. At about this point in time, I was finding myself feeling especially nostalgic for my college buddies and remembering all the fun and wild times we had in old Fort Collins, CO. We are all turning 40 in the next year or so, and it feels like those times together were a lifetime ago, yet lately it has felt as if it were yesterday. Last week I learned that this particular astrological configuration has not occurred during an eclipse cycle since October of 1995. Therefore, some of us may be experiencing a flooding of memories from that time, causing an opportunity for us to reflect upon some aspects of our conditioning we are ready to transmute and transform. Eclipses hold the space for us to push the reset button, and potentially 'clean out the clutter' of our ego mind and clear the pathway for the embodiment of our authentic Self, the being we are in our truest light. Now I understood the significance of this reconnection I had been experiencing with my almost 21 year old self.  After a very powerful healing session with a young seeker who pulled White Buffalo Calf Woman from the tarot deck I use, I realized Miracle's energy has continued to guide myself and countless others for she is very much a part of the medicine of this eclipse portal. It is estimated that during the 10 years of Miracle's life, millions of people came to visit her on the little farm in Wisconsin where she lived. Can you imagine the joy that filled countless hearts during this time in 1995, a little over a year after her birth? Maybe you can if you were conscious of the fulfillment of this long-awaited prophecy at that time. The renewal and rebirth that occurred for so many during that time is unprecedented. Humanity had moved so far away from unity consciousness that the possibility of the Golden Age growing near had seemed impossible, yet Miracle proved that nothing is impossible and we are never alone. The light surrounds us for it IS us. What Miracle showed us is true. The New Earth is now being birthed and we are the co creators of this reality. As we remember our multidimensionality, we have the capacity to choose the true path of love and release the shackles of fear and separateness. May we all utilize the gift of higher consciousness and allow our old collective beliefs of duality, lack, hate, and materialism fall away with the support of universal energy and one another. Miracle is symbolic of the possibility that is born within each of us as divine sparks of Spirit. The time has come to courageously shine our lights and embrace our true nature of unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion. Let us walk through this eclipse gateway to the gnosis of our highest truth and the collective dream of peace on earth, which begins with each of us.

Peace and Infinite Blessings to all sentient beings!

In Lak'ech (I am another you),