Reclaiming Our Joy / by Stephen Callender

The path back to Source is awe-inspiring. Heart-breaking open.  Magical. Shadow dancing. Liberating. Uninhibited joy. This is what my journey of awakening continues to teach me. "Your suffering is the breaking open of the shell of your understanding". These words by Kahlil Gibran have been with me for many years and their meaning has deepened as I have delved into the deep recesses of my being, rediscovering my multi-dimensionality while honoring my humanness. We are remembering, with each mindful moment, that we are vast beyond measure. We remember that there is a magnificent and luminous essence that flows through all of creation from the tiniest creature to the most infinite galaxy. All is one. All is connected. We remember there is nothing to fear. We are love. Love is the real and only truth. One by one, we are releasing the shackles of the illusion of separateness and the attachment to suffering. We are celebrating the gift of being embodied in the Golden Age.  We rejoice in this giant leap in our souls' evolution. Each moment we take in recognizing the sacredness of this gift through connecting with the ONENESS, we contribute to the co-creation of the New Earth. Let us embrace this most precious gift!

In One Love,