A New Found Freedom / by Stephen Callender

Dear Ones, I am writing this from Hampton, Virginia which is a small community within Williamsburg. As most of you know, Williamsburg is the place where some of the most famous battles in American history have been fought. Yesterday as I drove along the road that winds past some of the battlefields, I could feel the powerful energy of this place. Hundreds of thousands of people sacrificed their lives in the name of what we understood as freedom. I began pondering the deeper reasons why I have led myself here, reconnecting with this history during the last week of this auspicious eclipse portal. I found myself exploring the evolution of the human understanding of freedom. Our founding fathers, as the visionaries that they were, empowered thousands to reclaim their fundamental right to create a life they have dreamed of, unbound and unrestricted by any institution that would tell them otherwise. Thus birthed a nation that, with all her mistakes, has been an inspiration the world over as a symbol for 'liberty and justice for all'.

As time has marched on, we have begun to reawaken to our divinity and what it truly means to be free. The 60's sparked an acceleration of this knowing and sent us on an exploration of higher consciousness. We began to remember that perhaps there is more to this life than meets the eye. More importantly, there is more to US! With the ushering in of the Golden Age on December 21, 2012, there is no denying that our consciousness is evolving. We are remembering that we are great manifestors, creating our lives with each thought. Of course with this comes great responsibility. There is no room for blaming anyone for our reality, both personal and collective. Yet, what can be more empowering or freeing than to know that we are co-creators with Spirit?!  We have the ability to create heaven on earth. So my friends, as we move out of this eclipse portal together, we take with us all the experiences of transmutation and transformation as proof that we are shapeshifting ourselves and our reality. For we are seeing, not with our eyes but with our hearts, that freedom is the 'gnosis' that we are divine and that luminous energy flows though all of creation. What a magical time to be alive!

Peace and Infinite Blessings,