Total Eclipses of the Heart / by Stephen Callender

Dear Ones,

Welcome to the magic and mystery that is May 2013! I have been anticipating this eclipse portal we are in for many weeks now. I imagined that the real transformations would commence on the day of the first of three eclipses we are experiencing, which was the Scorpio Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on April 25th. However, the real transmutation began for me on April 15th. Many of you who follow my work know that I am deeply connected to the teachings of the ancient Maya and follow the 13 moon calendar as part of my daily spiritual practice. I had been anticipating the 15th for several weeks (not because it was tax day), but because it was a White Planetary Wind day. This is the Maya code for the energy of that day. I took great notice of this due to the fact that the White Wind, which symbolizes Breath and Spirit, is my guide according to Mayan astrology, I am a Planetary tone, AND we were in the month of the Planetary Moon. Planetary carries the energy of manifestation, so naturally I thought something amazing and mind-blowing would happen on or around that day. I woke up that morning with an overwhelming need to be out in Mother Nature, so I took my pups for a long hike, taking in the beauty and serenity of a spring morning. Upon coming home, I found that my energy was zapped, something very unusual for me, especially after exercise and connecting to Gaia. Even more bizarre, I took a nap! I awoke to learn of the bombings in Boston. My heart sunk. My trust in Spirit and the Divine unfolding of life runs very deep, yet I am also keenly aware of the universal truth that we create our collective reality. I felt sadness that after thousands of years, we are still creating violence against one another. A few hours later, I began sensing the beginning stages of physical illness. This started a week long bout and I must admit, struggle, with a sinus infection. I am extremely blessed with physical health and vitality most of the time. Therefore, when I become sick, I know that I am transmuting something on an energetic/emotional level. Where I had manifested illness was connected to my heart, throat, and third-eye chakras. It never hurts to eat a slice of humble pie, and healers such as myself tend to think that we have to have all our karma cleared out by now. Guess again. So, I began tuning inward to what this might be about for me. With the help of my spiritual support team, I realized that there were some ways I was continuing to choose fear over love and that was blocking me from loving purely from the heart, expressing myself from my heart, and following my inner guidance 100%. These are all ways of being that are not my true Self and that is why I am here now-to BE all I am meant to BE. I realized I needed to gain that clarity so I can be fully conscious and open to the power of this eclipse cycle we are in. This is the first time we are experiencing an eclipse cycle (3!) in the 5th Dimension. What does that mean for us? It means that we can choose to be fully awake and living in LOVE, which is the key to true manifestation. Believing in magic and synchronicity is imperative also. Because let me tell you my friends, it is ALL around us! What an amazing time to be alive! May we all live every moment to its fullest!

Peace and Infinite Blessings,