My Journey with Yeshua / by Stephen Callender

Dear Ones,  

For as long as I can remember, I have felt a deep kinship with the one who is called Jesus the Christ, or Yeshua. This connection I felt came from deep within my heart, as if I had known him for a very long time, like one would feel for a beloved sibling or very close friend. When I would think of him as a young girl, I felt protected and loved unconditionally. The energy that was present was the kindest, most benevolent of anything I had ever experienced before. As I grew older, I felt very confused by what certain people were teaching about Yeshua. The Yeshua I knew loved every living being unconditionally and saw the beauty in all-all of Spirit's creations were divine and interconnected. Yet others of quite recognizable authority were saying that we had to believe one certain way or love one certain way to be accepted by Yeshua. I would see on the news how people were doing horrible things to one another in his name and found myself questioning my truth about him. If this was the real Jesus, I wanted nothing to do with him or the people and places associated with him. I turned my back on him and began delving deep into metaphysics and esoteric teachings, all the while judging those who judged me for not believing that Jesus Christ was my Lord and Saviour.

I don't remember exactly when I discovered the Gnostic Gospels and mystical Christianity, yet I remember exactly how I felt when I became conscious of them in this lifetime. It felt as if I had come home. There in front of me in black and white was the truth I had known as a young girl. There was the Yeshua I loved. The one who came to earth to show us all what we each have the potential to be-unconditionally loving and accepting beings. The embodiment of Spirit in matter. Since that moment of reconnection, I have found that my experience of mySelf and others has been forever changed. That knowing, or Gnosis, is the greatest gift I have ever been given. I have no doubt that the Yeshua I know is a Druid, a Yogi, an Egyptian Mystery School Initiate, a Kabbalist, a Sufi, a Pagan, a Buddhist, a Muslim, a feminist, and a supporter for equal rights for all. He emulates Oneness. He is LOVE.  And guess what?! SO ARE WE!!!  Happy Easter, Beautiful Ones! May we all embrace this opportunity to be reborn to the truth of who we are!


Peace and Infinite Blessings,