Flowing with the Oneness of Creation / by Heather Neary

Dear Ones,  

 What a ride the last few weeks have been! Many of us have had a few very up close and personal experiences with our emotional selves, and perhaps that aspect of others. We are learning to 'ride the waves' of our feelings and honor the truth that having feelings is (believe it or not!) a perk of being human and living in this third dimensional realm. Feelings can be incredible teachers and an integral part of 'schooling' in this journey we call life. However, when we are in the midst of a Tsunami of fear or sadness, it can seem as if we are literally drowning in pain and suffering. This is especially true when we are completely bogged down with the mundane world-job stress, financial stress, traffic, family drama, media overload, etc. It can seem as if that is 'reality' and we are 'doomed' to a life of stress, drama, and more stress and more drama. Not true, my friends! There is so much MORE to life than the mundane and it often takes a 'dark night of the soul' or crisis of epic proportion to realize that we are surrounded by countless opportunities to connect with the beauty and light within ourselves and within all of creation. For in reality, every aspect of creation is interconnected. The same energy that created us, created all of creation. It is a part of us, as we are a part of it. As above, so below.

This Golden Age we are in is about remembering that we are sacred. Life is sacred. Embodying this truth is a path to peace and joy-emotions and all! One way to honor this truth is by consciously connecting with the cycles of nature. One way we do this at A Path to Gnosis is by gathering in circle every 13 days. By doing this, we are honoring the Divine within ourselves and creation and moving from the mundane to the sacred. Other ways of connecting to nature are honoring the elements of earth, air, water, and fire, animal totems and guides, and our plant and flower allies. Are there certain animals that you are drawn to or who show up in the dreamtime? Do you find that certain flowers radiate a beauty you are drawn to or you enjoy cooking with certain herbs. There are very significant reasons for this-remember there are no accidents-and looking deeper into these connections brings forth a well-spring of 'Gnosis' and experience of the oneness of all creation.

In One Love,