Spiritual Initiates of the Golden Age / by Heather Neary

Dearest friends,

As the energy of the new year makes itself known, there is much guidance around connecting to our paths as initiates. The term initiate is often identified with the Mystery Schools of ancient times, in which men and women walking the mystical path would go through often strenuous initiations in order to move to the next level of their spiritual lives and their roles within various sects of the temples. These initiations were opportunities to move away from the ego's attachment to fear and come into alignment with the soul's yearning for evolution. It has become clear to me that many of us have been experiencing some very expansive initiations over the last few years and especially 2012. These might have come in the form of  changes in relationships, jobs, geographical locations, illnesses, or even experiencing the death of someone we care for. How do we know that these are initiations? Well, they often involve making choices that are heart-centered versus ego-based; they often involve varying degrees of emotional, mental, and perhaps physical discomfort; and they always involve having faith and trust in Spirit and the unfolding of life. No easy task and certainly when we push through the ego's barriers of fear and suffering, we find ourselves in a more expansive space in all ways, especially spiritually.

As we move through these initiations, it is vital that we receive the love and support from our spiritual family. One of the ways that we do this is through sacred ceremony. As we come together with the intention of honoring the divinity that flows through ourselves and each other, we are sending a vibration out into the planet that assists the whole of humanity in waking up to the truth that all creation is interconnected. We are ONE. 

Our vision for A Path to Gnosis Circles: To gather in a tribe of heart-centered beings, embodying the truth of who we are, as we walk the path of  Spiritual Initiates of The Golden Age.

Peace and Infinite Blessings to all,