About A Path to Gnosis 


A Path to Gnosis is the essence of the serene Serrano Sanctuary in the Lake Travis area of Austin, Texas. Heather Elizabeth has been guided to create A Path to Gnosis as a way of honoring humanity's need to unplug from the distractions of our modern world to reconnect with the healing powers of nature. This experience is enhanced through gathering together in conscious community with the intent to support one another in our individual and collective evolutionary journeys.

 A Path to Gnosis is both a healing space and a life-changing experience. Everyone who visits Serrano Sanctuary comes away with a sense of peace and awe of the sacredness of Mother Nature.

The logo that was designed for A Path to Gnosis is symbolic of the human potential that is alive and well in each one of us! The three feathers symbolize the 'trinity' of mind/heart/will, which creates a gateway for gnosis or inner truth of the One Heart or unity consciousness. The purple color is associated with enlightenment. Feathers are thought to be sacred gifts from Spirit and symbolize that one is on the right path. Initiates of the Egyptian mystery schools strived to keep their hearts as light as a feather, free of anything that was not in alignment with love and compassion. When you visit Serrano Sanctuary, it is not uncommon to be gifted feathers from the bird allies who live on the land!